This interactive visualization is designed to help higher education policy makers, researchers, and other stakeholders understand the variation in program- and institution-level measures of performance. This beta version allows users to visualize how performance measures vary across credential level, sector, and major and how performance indicators vary with institutional characteristics.

The “Accountability” section allows users to explore the number and characteristics of programs or schools that would pass and fail under an outcome-based accountability system designed by the user:

1) In the program level accountability tab, the default performance metrics are based on “Towards a Framework for Accountability for Federal Financial Assistance Programs in Postsecondary Education (Matsudaira and Turner 2020)” but users compare the impact of using different versions of the net earnings premium metric and the effect of adding a school-level backstop based on earnings or loan repayment.

2) The institution level accountability tab provides information on the performance of schools based on earnings and loan repayment. Users focus on schools in different sectors, with different predominant degrees, or on Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs).

The “Descriptives” section allows users to customize visualizations to explore:

1) Box plots of the distribution of performance measures across sectors and by program.

2) Scatter plots showing the relationship between performance measures and institutional characteristics.

Choose Accountability Metric

Choose Credential Level and Fields

Choose Accountability Metric

Choose School Control and Predominant Degree

*A school is classified as failing if it has a negative loan metric and a negative earnings metric.

Choose Accountability Metric

Choose Credential Level and Fields

*Whiskers extend to the 5th and 95th Percentiles.

Choose Characteristic Data

Choose School Control and Predominant Degree

User Guide

This user guide will walk you through how to use all of the features of this dashboard.

How to use:

Scatter Plots
Box Plots
To Highlight Groups

You can use single-click or double click features to emphasize specific groups

1. With a double click, you can filter out all other groups

2. With a single click, you can add or remove groups

3. Double click your selected group again to add back all other groups

Zoom Features

1. Scroll to the upper right hand corner to see Zoom features

2. Use the Zoom-in icons to reduce the range on both axes

3. Use the Zoom-out icons to pan back outwards

4. You can also “select” the subsection of the visual by highlighting your desired range

5. To pan (move the view to the right/left or up/down), click the "+" icon

Resetting the Visual to Default

If you’ve played around too much with the Zoom in, pan out, or scroll options, you can easily reset the visual by clicking on the "home" shaped icon

1. Scroll to the home shaped icon in upper right hand corner of the plot

2. Click on the “Reset axes” icon

Outlier filter

You can use the outlier filter to exclude observations with values above the 99th percentile or below the 1st percentile for either selected variable by checking or unchecking the box for "exclude extreme values".

Hiding scatter plots

You can quickly compare outcomes for different sectors, fields, and/or degrees by reviewing table outputs after hiding the plot

1. Scroll to the “Show/hide plot” button

2. Click to toggle plot visibility

Saving pictures of output visuals

Generating outputs for your own reporting is easy!

1. Scroll to the camera icon in the upper right hand corner of the plot

2. Click to see the save options

Summary tables

The summary table will adjust based on your selections but will not change if you:

1. Zoom in or out

2. Double click to highlight a specific group

3. Select the "exclude extreme values" option

Box plots

The box plots can be used to compare the distributions of program-level performance metrics across sectors and programs

1. Filter for your desired program, sector, and degree

2. Rolling over any of the Boxplots will show the 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 95th percentiles

Additional questions, or problems with functionality, can be sent to
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